Mainstream support has finally ended for Windows Server 2008 as of January 13th 2015. The original expiration date was July 9th 2013 but was extended to help companies plan for upgrades.

Mainstream support is the typically five-year period when Microsoft provides free patches and fixes, including but not limited to security updates, for its products.

End of support means there will be no more fixes or patches, paid or free, security or non-security ever for this specific product. It literally means THE END, and to upgrade now.

Failing to plan for these changes will leave your company server wide open to all sorts of attacks as you may not be able to patch or update critical security holes that are discovered. It can be an arduous process migrating your server to an updated OS. This is where Mullan IT are on hand to help plan and support you through this process. If you have not thought yet about what server platform you are on and have no plans to upgrade, think again! Contact us and we can discuss your options.

TMCSE_logohings have moved on in recent years and it may be that you can offload some of your server infrastructure to the cloud or perhaps virtualise if you do not actually require so many physical boxes. This can have a great impact on electricity and other running costs. We are on hand to help you work out which option best suits you.

Get started by with a free IT audit by one of our Microsoft Certified Engineers. This will consist of:

  • A short meeting to discuss your current IT setup.
  • A senior engineer visit to assess your security and IT requirements.
  • Feedback via a written report followed up with a call to discuss issues raised.

All completely FREE of charge. We proudly offer a hassle free jargon free service. Call Now: 07720939407